Srisailam Temple Accommodation Booking

Srisailam Temple Accommodation Booking

Srisailam Temple Accommodation Booking, Rental and Room allotment timings

Cottage Name No. Of Rooms Room Type Rental Per day Advance Amount
SivaSadanam 96 Rs.100 Rs.100
SivaSadanam 73A 3 Beds Rs.150 Rs.150
Ganga Gowri Sadanam 58 Non-Ac Rooms Rs.400 Rs.400
Ganga Gowri Sadanam 52 Ac rooms Rs.650 Rs.650
Ganga Gowri Sadanam Dormitory Rooms 20 Beds 5 Number Rs.2000 Rs.2000
Ganga Sadanam 116 Ac Suite Rs.1000 Rs.1000
Pathaleswar Sadanam 24 2 Bed Ac Rooms Rs.1000 Rs.1000
Chandeeswara Sadanam 17 2 Bed Non-Ac rooms Rs.250 Rs.250
Chandeeswara Sadanam 8 2 Bed Ac rooms Rs.400 Rs.400
Chandeeswara Sadanam 2 4 Bed Ac rooms Rs.600 Rs.600
TTD Ground 7 2 Bed Rs.300 Rs.300
TTD First Floor Each 2 beds Rs.100 Rs.100
Cottages 78 4 Bed Non-Ac Rs.400 Rs.400
PG Road Cottages 9 2 Bedrooms Non-Ac Rs.600 Rs.600
PG Road cottages 5 2 Bedrooms Ac Rs.1200 Rs.1200
Sahithi Cottages 3 Bedrooms Ac Rs.3000 Rs.3000
Swarna Sailam Cottages 2 Bedrooms Ac Rs.2000 Rs.2000
USA (Dinesh Villa) 2 Bedrooms Ac Rs.2000 Rs.2000
Rebala Cottages 2 Bedrooms Ac Rs.3000 Rs.3000
Kamineni Cottages 3 Bedrooms Ac Rs.2000 Rs.2000
Aditya Cottages 2 Bedrooms Ac Rs.3000 Rs.3000
Penna Cottages 2 Bedrooms Ac Rs.3000 Rs.3000
Erasu Nilayam 3 Bedrooms Ac Rs.3000 Rs.3000
JC cottages 2 Bedrooms Ac Rs.3000 Rs.3000
Satyam Guesthouse 4 Ac Suites Rs.4000 Rs.4000
Cottage 116 4 Bedrooms Non-Ac Rs.800 Rs.800
Cottage 114 4 Bedrooms Ac Rs.1000 Rs.1000
Cottage 117 Non-Ac Bedrooms Rs.1200 Rs.1200
Near S.S.Kendram Cottages Rs.600 Rs.600
Pilgrim Sheds / Tourist Bus stand Rs.500 Rs.500
Pilgrim Sheds near Siva Deeksha Sibiram Rs.500 Rs.500
Mallikarjuna Sadanam Rs.1000 Rs.1000
Mallikarjuna Sadanam Suites Rs.1500 Rs.1500


Srisailam Temple Accommodation Booking Online

  1. Accommodation can be booked online at srisailamonline website.
  2. Rooms will be at the counter located a Central reception office located in Ganga Sadan. Ganga Sadan is at a walkable distance from the bus stop.
  3. The Caution deposit of one-day rental to be paid in advance at the of check-in at CRO.
  4. The room will be allotted for 24 hours ie. from 8 am – 8 am (next day). Anything after 8 am will be considered as the room extension and caution deposit will be credited to the Devasthanam account.
  5. The Room will only be allotted to the person on submitting ID proof at the time of allotment.
  6. Accommodation is non-transferrable and cancellation is not available.


Srisailam Temple Accommodation at Cottages

  1. Community-based Cottages are close to bus station.
  2. Rooms are allotted on arrival. Online booking is not available.
  3. Mutts are also available here.


Srisailam Temple Accommodation Booking

Reference Link: Temple History


  1. Room,date of arrivai 25/5/18….. 1pm afternoon for one day only.

  2. 30 05 18 room book diteal

  3. Pls room book diteal

    • Dear Sir,
      Sure, Please let us know the date and arrival time. As cottages operate from 8 am – 8 am.
      For booking or further information, please call on this number 93 93 93 9150


  4. Kanaiyalal Senma ,Gandhinagar ,Gujarat

    we are two person (coupale) come at 28 jully 2018, Accommodation in siva sadan law rate Pl. book one room for three days 28-29 and 30 jully 18. or book only one day . pl. inform me how booking room.

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