Hayagreeva Temple Tirumala

Hayagreeva Temple Tirumala

Hayagraeeva Temple Tirumala, is at a walk able distance from Main Temple. Located in North Mada Street.

Lord Sri Hayagreeva Swamy is for Good education and knowledge to the children. He is one of the Avatar of Lord Maha Vishnu. Hayagreeva is represented as horse-headed  deity with human body . This temple is managed by Mutt authorities.

In Sanskrit, Hayagreeva means, Haya – Horse, Greeva – neck. He is also hailed as Hayasirsa.

Lord Hayagreeva jayanthi will be conducted on every Sravana Pournami day.

Temple opening Timings: 5 am till 7 pm.

As stated in puranas, the demons Madhu-Kaitabha stole the vedas from Brahma, to protect Vedas, Maha Vishnu took the Hayagreeva Avatar and killed the demons to recover Vedas.


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  1. I need to do akasarabaysam to my child but hayagreeva temple is in foot path steps area If I’m correct?? But we need to perform at the main place with blessings of tirumula sri venkateshwara swamy please do clarify in tirumula such activity will perform or not???

  2. Hi sir, we are planning to do aksharabyasam on 30oct 2017, vijayadasami day in Hyagreeva swamy temple. Is it good.. And where we have to consult..

  3. Im planning to do aksharabhayasam for ny son on oct25. Can anyone pls tell the process? Should i take any advance ticket.

  4. We r planned to do aksharabhayasam to my son on coming sunday at hayagreeva swamy temple tirumala. So for information we want anyone mobile number.. we dont know any information regarding this.

  5. Sir advance booking chesukovala leka aroju tickets tesulovacha ?

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