Archana Anantara Seva

SriVari Archana Anantara Seva

Description of Archana Anantara Seva

(5.30 A.M. to 6.30 A.M. on all days except Friday)- Arjitham is Rs. 220/- per head and thousands of tickets are issued for this seva. Devotees are allowed to go and have Lord Venkateswara’s darsanam in a queue .


Nija Paada Seva

5.30 A.M. to 6.30 A.M. only on Fridays)- Only on Fridays, devotees get the bhaagayam of having darshan of Perumal’s Holy feet (BRAHMA KADIGINA PAADAMU as rendered by Annamayya) and the devotee who has this darsanam will get rid of the cycle of birth and death. At present, T.T.D has come out with two new schemes – DASAVARSHA DARSHINI and VIMSATHI VARSHA DARSHINI schemes.

For DASAVARSHA DARSHINI, the endowment amount is Rs.50,000/- and the devotee along with 3 persons would be allowed to participate in Suprabhatham and Archanaanantara Darsanam for 2 days in a year for 10 years. Free accommodation will be provided to the donors for 3 days.

For VIMSATHI VARSHA DARSHINI, the endowment amount is Rs.1 lakh wherein the devotee along with 6 persons would be allowed to participate in Suprabhatam, Archanananthara Darsan and Sahasra Deepalankarana Seva for 2 days in a year for 20 years. Free accommodation will be provided to the donors for 3 days.



After Archana anantra darshanam which is 5 .30 to 6.30 AM and after 7 Am on Fridays , the next seva is Saatrumarai. This is not a paid seva and only Sri Vaishnavites who know Saatrumarai pasurams are allowed in this seva. The devotee must have all the looks of Srivaishnavite like clean shaven, have a girudha , a kudumi . Only after the Jeeyar is satisfied with the appearance, the devotee is allowed inside. After neivedyam, Saatrumarai is recited. During this seva, the devotees are allowed to experience the divya mangala swaroopam of Perumal for 15 to 20 minutes. Only the fortunate get this bhaagyam.

After saatrumarai, theertham and prasadam are offered in the garbagriham itself During Dhanur maasam, there are 2 saatrumarais.One is Thiruppavai Saatrumarai at 3.00AM and the other Saatrumarai is after Archana. At 9 AM .After these sevas, darshan is open to general public and goes on up to noon until archana Seva in Ekantham is performed.


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  1. Sir I like to donate vim site vars ha dashing please tell me how to join in this scheme


    When September 2017 accommodation will be come

  3. When can I book archana anantara darshan tickets for September ?


    We need 8 tickets for AAD on 17th December (Sunday) 2017 . But not able to find from the net of TTDSEVAONLINE. Can you help in this regard, Parents of 75 years old are joining. Hence the request.

    Regards. ATCHUTA KUMAR 9490435350

    • HI Sir,

      Tickets are fully booked till january month so you can plan for feb month or else on arrival at cro office you can try through lucky dip bookings


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