Women Barbers Tonsuring Tirupati

Women Barbers Tonsuring Tirupati

Women Barbers Tonsuring Tirupati will only be available at Kalyanakatta at regular hours from 7 am  Р8 pm.

Hair offering at Kalyanakatta is at free of cost.  Tonsuring is a means to shed ego before entering darshan line.

Barber will start the tonsuring process by saying Govinda, will pour two mugs of water ( antiseptics mixed water) to wet the hair. Barber will use the new blade for each tonsuring. Some devotees will offer 3 scissors instead of complete head shave. Head shave will take around 15 – 20 mins.

Kalyanakatta Barbers will be operating in two shifts. This building is equipped with big halls and other halls for tonsuring with seating platforms for pilgrims and the barber. It is a queue line system for hair offering at this place.

Bathrooms with geysers for hot water are provided for the pilgrims who have their heads shaved.

Female barbers will shave for Transgenders.


Lady barbers are also available at Rambagicha Guesthouse from 6 am – 6 pm.



  1. Hi sir,

    I’m a male devotee and would like to get tonsured by female barber. Please let me know if it is possible. In your previous comments you mentioned dressing in women it can be done. Kindly give clarity on what you meant,