Vaikunta Dwadasi Rs300 Online Quota

Vaikunta Dwadasi Rs300 Online Quota

Vaikunta Dwadasi Rs300 Online Quota will be released online for the convenience of devotees.

Quota will be released on 16th Dec at 11 am for online booking at ttdsevaonline . 10,800 tickets is available for darshan on 22nd Dec.

e-Special entry darshan will not be available on 21st Dec. This online quota booking is meant for 22nd Dec only.

The released quota will not be available at e-Darshan counters, postal office and current booking counters.

Devotees can use this facility for darshan on Vaikunta Dwadasi day i.e 22nd Dec.  This additional quota for Dwadasi accommodating 1200 in each slot taking the total to 10,800 for the day in Rs.300 on-line booking quota.

Rs.300 quota is already released for 23rd dec and is available for darshan from 10 am.



  1. Are these tickets for vaikunta dwara darsan or regular darsan?
    Pleasse advice!

    • Dear Samp,

      Yes, it includes Vaikunta Dwara Darshan as well.


      • Hi Kamal,

        May I know what is Vaikuntha Dwara Darshan as mentioned here?

        Does it mean they ll allow upto the first door (Kulasekahara Padi)?

        Thanks in advance!

        • Dear Ganesan,

          Yes, Vaikunta Dwara entrance comes after coming out of the actual darshan line. There is a entrance available right opposite to Angada, jambavantha shrine which will be closed for the whole year. You will be enter the Dwaram and will come out of the dwaram on the other side.
          Please let me know if you need more details.