Udayagiri Caves

Udayagiri Caves

Udayagiri Caves Timings, Entry fees, Booking, Route info

Opening Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Entry for Ticket Cost
Indian Rs.15
Foreigner Rs.200
Video Camera Rs.25

These rock-cut caves were carved during the reign of Chandragupta II ie. 382 – 401 AD.

20 caves were excavated and named the order in which they were unearthed.

Cave Details
Cave 1 One can observed richly carved facades and doorways
Cave 4 Bina Cave. Siva Linga was sculptured on the rock-cut platform
Cave 5 Represents Vishnu images. Varaha Gufa as one can see Varaha incarnation.
Cave 6 Doorway carved with images of Goddesses. Images of Vishnu, Varaha and Durga were also carved on the walls.
Cave 9 Large and spacious cave with rich carvings. Besnagar art is clearly visible here
Cave 13 12 ft long Vishnu along with Adisesha (Sesha Sayana)
Cave 19 Churning Milk Ocean was carved on the walls.

Siva Linga and Nandi were carved heavily.

Majority of these caves reflects Jain culture as well.


Udayagiri Caves Images


How to reach Udayagiri Caves?

By Air

1. The nearest airport at Bhubaneswar which is 7 Km away.

By Train

  1. The nearest railway station is at Bhubaneswar which is 14 Km away

By Road

  1. This place can be reached by Taxi and Bus.



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