Tirupati Ganga Jathara 2021 Dates

Tirupati Ganga Jathara 2021 Dates, Timings

Ganga Jathra begins with Chatimpu on Chaitra Bahula Amavasya Bharani Naksthram day. This event will be performed in the midnight.

It is advised that one must stay away during this Event.

Ganga Jathara Dates: 11May 2021 to 19May 2021

Tirupati Ganga Jathara 2021 Dates and Timings

Date Day Details
11May Tuesday Chatimpu Utsavam


12May 2021 Wednesday Bhairgai Vesham
13May 2021 Thursday Banda Vesham
14May 2021 Friday Thota Vesham
15May 2021 Saturday Dora Vesham

Melchat Vastram from TTD

16May 2021 Sunday Mathangi Vesham

Abhishekam with Sandal paste

17May 2021 Monday Sunappu Kundalu
Midnight 12:05 am Ammavari Abhishekam
18May 2021 Tuesday Ganga Jathra
19May 2021 Wednesday Viswaroopa Darshan
Cutting the Ear

The crowd will be high during this time. Normal Darshan might take 45 to 60 mins. Special Darshan might take 20 to 30 mins. It is believed that having Mud of Goddess (During Chempa Narukuta) will removes Doshas related to pregnancy delay.

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