Tirupati Cabs Online Booking

Tirupati Cabs Online Booking

Tirupati Cabs Online Booking Procedure, Rates and Timings

Cab Rates are calcualted based on these factors.

  1. Vehicle Type, Making Year and Condition
  2. Travel distance
  3. State Permit charges
  4. Day/Night Driver Charges

Vehicle Type, Making Year and Condition

Innova is the highest running cars in Tirupati which is good to accommodate 7 members. It varies from Rs.11 – Rs.13 per Km. This rates depends on the Making year. New vehicles are quoted for Rs.12-Rs.13. Vehicles with more mileage will be rupee less ie Rs.11.

New Vehicles condition will be good so charges are little high. For long distances, it is advisable to go with New condition vehicles so that trip will not be disturbed.

Cars which are heavily are not good for long distances as chances quite high for the break down. Tirumala is Ghat section so New Vehicles are preferable.


Travel Distance

Cab Rate = Travel Distance * Rate/Km + Driver Charges

It is advisable to note the mileage at the beginging and at the end of the trip which helps in the calculation. Major Temple are 35 – 90 km away so 100 km mileage will be there for sure.


State permit Charges

If it is within the state, then Permit charges will not apply. If it is outside state ie.

Andhra Pradesh to Tamil Nadu – Rs.500 (Indica/Swift/Etios..etc), Rs.1000 (Innova…) and Rs.1800 (Tempo Traveler)   (This may not be actuals as it varies time to time)

Andhra Pradesh to Karnataka – Rs.500 (Indica/Swift/Etios..etc), Rs.1100 (Innova…) and Rs.4000 (Tempo Traveler)   (This may not be actuals as it varies time to time)

State permit charges is the additional cost to the trip which is to be beared by the customer.

Cab Rate = Travel Distance * Rate/ Km + Driver Charges + State permit Charges


Day/Night Driver Charges

Driver charges will be Rs.300 for day and Rs.300 for night. If you are hiring cab for 24 hours then it is going to be Rs.600 (approx – not actuals).


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Many private sites are offering Tirupati Cabs Online booking for the convenience of pilgrims.

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