Tirumala Theertham Opening Dates

Tirumala Theertham Opening Dates

Tirumala Theertham Opening Dates, Timing

S.No Theertham Name Date
1 Ramakrishna Theertham 10th Feb
2 Kumaradhara Theertha 12th Mar
3 Thumburu Theertham 11th Apr
4 Akasa Ganga Snama 10th May
5 Sesha Theertham 10th May


  1. Entry Point: Papavinasanam Dam
  2. Food and Water will be provided by the T.T.D .
  3. Devotees are allowed at the early hours from the entrance.
  4. Direct Bus is available from Tirumala bus station to Papavinasanam in the morning hours. It is better to carry water bottles. Not to leave any plastic waste in the forest.
  5. Advisable not to plan with children as it takes long hours of trekking and the path will not be smooth.


  1. In May 29 any theertham will open sir