Tirumala Theertham Dates

Tirumala Theertham Dates

Tirumala Theertham Dates, Opening and Best Time to visit, Route info.

Sri Kumaradhara Punya Theertham

Taking bath in full moon day in the month of Kumbha Raasi, Magha Nakshatram is considered to be auspicious to dip in holy theertham. Coming March 1st (Thursday) 8.45 AM to 2.04 PM (Aparajitha Punya Kalam to take a dip in holy theertham).

Pournami available from March 1st 8.45am to March 2nd 7 am. Above given Aparajitha Punya kalam is considered to be an auspicious time to dip in holy theertham.

Sri Kumaradhara punya theertham – 6kms from Tirumala papanasam Dam

Sri Tumburu Punya Theertham

Taking bath in Full moon day of Meena (Pisces) with Uttara Phanguni (Utira) Nakshatram considered to be auspicious.

Coming March 30th (Friday) 9.12PM to 10.00PM – Gandharva Aparajitha kalam,

March 31st (Saturday) 3.36AM to 4.24AM – Savithri Devi Aparajitha kalam &

March 31st (Saturday) 5.12AM to 6.00AM (Rishis, Deva) Vaniyam Aparajitha kalam.

Pournami starts on March 30th (Friday) 7.35pm & Ends @ March 31st (Saturday) 6.30pm, Above given Aparajitha kalam considered to be important holy dip timings.

Sri Tumburu Punya Theertham – 10kms from Tirumala papanasam Dam.


Article inputs from Sreeram.


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