Tirumala Jyestabhishekam

Tirumala Jyestabhishekam

Tirumala Jyestabhishekam Timings, Dates

Dates: 7th May – 9th May 2017

This festival will be celebrated for 3 days. During this time Lord Malayappa will be decorated with Vajra Kavacham. Lord Will be taken out in a procession with his consorts in Thiru Mada streets. This festival will be celebrated in the month of Jyeshta. Snapana Thirumanjanam will be performed to the processional deities.

The festival of “Jyestabhishekam” is performed in the holy month of Jyestha as per Hindu Almanac and the fete is completed coinciding the star of Jyestha in the constellation. This festival is also called “Abhidhyeyaka Abhishekam”.
“Abhidhyeyakam” means protective shield or armour (that which cannot be destructed). To fight against the evil, the Lord emerged with this protective armour in this Kaliyuga.
This festival lasts for three days. Each day after the second bell, the lord and his consorts are taken to the Kalyanotsava mandapam located in Sampangi Prakaram and Snapana Tirumanjanam is conducted amidst the chanting of vedic mantras.

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