Tirumala Dhanurmasa Tiruppavai

Tirumala Dhanurmasa Tiruppavai Date and Significance

Dhanur Masam from December 16, 6:04 am to January 13

According to Hindu Scriptures, a day of God is equal to six months (Uttarayana) and a night equal to the remaining months (Dakshinayana) in a human year. Dhanurmasam falls at the end of Dakshinayana. In fact, this month is considered to be auspicious for Lord Vishnu worship in the early hours and this hour is called Brahmamuhurtam. It is believed that worshipping Lord Vishnu during Brahma Muhurtham will invoke the blessing of the Lord. Tiruppavai Pasurams, with each one on each day for a total thirty days will be recited seeking the prosperity of the universe – devoid of disease, famine or any form of unhappiness. 

Tirumala Dhanurmasa Tiruppavai

As per Vaikhanasa Agama traditions, Tiruppavai chanting will commence at Tirumala temple in place of Suprabatha seva from December 16

As per the Legend, Dhanur masa vratam brings prosperity and well being to the society. This unique tradition is followed at all Vaishnavite temples in the country and the Tiruppavai Divya Prabandha comprising of 30 Pasurams was conceived by Goda Devi.

All the Sri Vaishnavaite temples follow the recitation of Tiruppavai hymns during this Holy Month.

During Dhanurmasa, Pournami Garuda Seva will not be performed in Tirumala.