sri padmavathi ammavari temple tiruchanoor

sri padmavathi ammavari temple tiruchanoor

Sri Padmavathi ammavari temple Tiruchanoor History:

The Shrine of Goddess Padmavathi, the consort of The Lord Sri Venkateswara is at Tiruchanoor. Also called as Almelu Mangapuram. Goddess Sri Padmavathi is seated here in the Padmasana or Lotus Pose holding lotuses in her front-facing hands. The two hands in the rear are in Abhaya and Varada hastas.

It is believed that after Goddess Lakshmi Left Vaikuntam, she performed penance for 12 years in a temple tank here. Then in the 13th year of her penance, during the month of Karthika, on Panchami day, in the last fortnight of the star Uttarashada, Goddess Lakshmi emerged from a golden Lotus. This is why the Pushkarini (Temple Tank) is known as Padma Sarovar and the Goddess is named Padmavathi.

It is said that a visit to the Temple of Lord Venkateswara is complete only if the Pilgrim vists The Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple Tiruchanoor.


Sri Padmavathi AmmaVari Tiruchanoor Temple Timings

S.NO Seva Name Persons Allowed Seva Time Day Ticket Cost BahumanamOffered
1 Suprabatham or Suprabatha Seva 1 5.00 A.M Everyday Rs. 25.00
2 Sahasranama Archana 1 5.30 A.M Everyday Rs 25.00
3 Kalyanotsavam Seva 5 10.30 A.M Everyday Rs. 500.00
4 Unjal Seva 2 6.00 P.M Everyday Rs. 116.00
5 Kumkum Archana 2 Everyday Rs. 200.00 2 Laddus
6 Special Entrance 1 Everyday Rs  10.00
7 Seegra Darshanam or Quick Darshan 1 Everyday Rs. 40.00 2 Laddus
8 Ekantha Seva 1 9:00 P.M Daily Rs.25

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    When to visit Shri Padmavathi Temple ? Is it before darshana of Lord Shri Venkateshwara or after his darshana ?

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    Rohith B Nayak