Seemantham Homam, Cost, Good Time, and Booking

Seemantham Homam, Cost, Good Time, and Booking

This puja is carried out between the fifth and eighth months of pregnancy. Seemantham, or baby showers, are more than just celebrations; they’re spiritual events.

As previously said, this function is a spiritual one in which the Purohit chants Vedic mantras in such a way that the mantras reach the baby in the abdomen and have the appropriate impact on its development on the mental, physical, and spiritual levels. Naturally, the infant pays attention to all of these mantras.

Seemantham Procedure

Important poojas like Punyahavachanam, Kalasa Sthapana, Udaka Shanthi, homam, and Kalasabhishekam for the Mother are part of the Seemantham rituals. The mother’s strength is increased and she can give birth to a healthy and strong baby when she drinks pure Kalasa water.

Kanaka Tharanam

Bangles are called Kankana, and giving is called Tharanam. All of the ladies who have come to the function are given bangles. Glass bangles are highly valued. In addition, the mother of the girl, for whom the event is being held, wears glass bangles with gold, silver, or gold kaapu, etc., according to family tradition. Thus, in Tamil, Kankana Tharanam is referred to as VALAI KAAPU.


The girl is requested to show up in her traditional saree (the nine-yard saree for Brahmins) following the bangles ceremony. After that, the purohits start with Ganapathi pooja, followed by Kalasa Sthapana. Afterward, the Kalasa water will be poured on the would-be mother, making them pure for Seenantham. The girl then appears in her new nine-yard saree, and the Seemantham starts. Next, the girl’s husband ties the Fasting Knot, a yellow knot, with the bangles. The Purohits carry on their mantra-chanting. A husband’s part during Seemantham is essential since he performs all the rituals for the baby’s well-being.


Following Seemantham, children under the age of ten are invited in and instructed to break Asoka (Arasa Mottu), lotus (Thamarai Mottu), and banyan root (Aala Mottu). For a quick and safe delivery, the essence is poured into the girl’s nose.


The girl’s sister-in-law decorates celebration flowers and binds flowers. The elders all assemble and praise the Lord with singing. At last, the take on Haritha. (Mxi of Water, turmeric, lime with kumkum). At last, the event concludes with the distribution of fruits, coconuts, blouse bits, and other items to all attendees.

Seemantham Homam Benefits

  • Performing this ceremony helps in uplifting the brain of the baby in the womb.
  • By listening to the mantras chanted, women, get purified, which in turn helps the baby have a sharp and intellectual mind 
  • The blessings of all the lords and elders help in the baby’s easy delivery.

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A minimum of 7 days of booking is advisable to make the puja arrangements.