Sanjeevaraya Swamy Vellala

Sanjeevaraya Swamy Vellala

Sanjeevaraya Swamy Vellala, Rajupalem Mandal, Kadapa Distrct, Andhra Pradesh. Ajaneya Swamy statue is 16 ft tall.

Sanjeevaraya Swamy Vellala Sthalapuranam

During the Rama and Ravana war, Lakshmana will get hurt and lies unconscious from Meganadh (Ravana’s Son) serpent arrows. To bring Laxman back to conscious, Jambavan asked Hanuman to bring rare medical herbs, Sanjeevini, Vishalyakarini, Suvarnakarini, and Sandhani from Himalaya mountains.

While on his mission,  Anjaneya took a break to perform Sandhya Vandhanam (Prayer offered to Sun God during Sunset) at the bank of Kumudavathi. After finishing his prayers he began to leap again into the air. The Sages who were living at the banks of Kumudavathi requested Him to stay back. Anjaneya replied to them that he is Rama’s mission and should start immediately. Vellala in Telugu means Have to go, so the village got the name Vellala.


Sri Sanjeevaraya Swamy Festivals

Annual Bramhotsavam will be conducted during the vaisaka month of lunar calendar.

Sri Chennakesava Swamy , Sri Sanjeevaraya Swamy Brahmotsavam activities

Day Event
Day 1 Dwajarohanam
Day 2 Kalyanotsavam
Day 3 Simha Vahanam
Day 4 Hanumantotsavam
Day 5 Garudotsavam
Day 6 Gaja Vahanam
Day 7 Rathotsavam
Day 8 Aswa Vahanam
Day 9 Vasanthotsavam


Sri Sanjeevaraya Swamy Temple

Hanumadh Malludu who was ruling the region, had sever illness. Anjaneya swamy appeared in his dream and told him that he is lying in the Kumudavathi river bed and asked him to construct temple for the idol, which frees him from his illness. Later this temple was renovated by Vijayanagar king’s.


Sanjeevaraya Swamy Vellala Sub Temples

  1. Sri Lakshmi sametha Sri Chennakesava Swamy,
  2. Sri Parvathi sametha Sri Bheema Lingeswara Swany,
  3. Sri Veerabhadra Swamy,
  4. Sri Vinayaka Swamy
  5. Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy.

How to reach Vellala ?

  1. 24 Km from Proddatur
  2. 75 km from Kadapa
  3. 230 Km from Tirupati , 4 hours by drive


Sanjeevaraya Swamy Vellala


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