Pathala Ganapathi Temple Kalahasti

Pathala Ganapathi Temple Kalahasti History

During Initial days of Vayu Lingam origination, there is not much water availabile at Sri Kalahasthi. Water scarcity is high, not getting enough water for daily Pooja activities at the Temple, Sages and Pilgrims to take bath before Lord Siva and Gnana prasoonambika Darshan. Sages requested Maharshi Agasthya to find solution for this.

Sage Agasthya after knowing Lord Vinayaka relaxing near to Temple. Lord Vinayaka who is relaxing at Pathala Cave which is North West to Vayu Lingam, after succeeding the huge war with Gajasura. Sage Agasthya offered sincere prayers to Vinayaka so that he can put an end to water crisis in this Holy place.

Lord Vinayaka is so pleased with Sage Agasthya’s sincere prayers and decided to reside at Pathala Cave. Lord Vinayaka then removed sand from this place to give birth to Pathala Ganga. Water from Pathala Ganga started it’s flow and soon turned into a river. Lord Vinayaka then asked Sage Agasthya to take bath at Pathala Ganga and also told him that whoever takes bath here, will not have any hurdles during their task execution.

Pathala Ganapathi Temple Kalahasti

Pathala Ganapathi Temple is located at the entrance of Sri Kalahasti Temple. Only 10 members are allowed in one stretch to enter. This is a unique small shrine built about 30 feet below the ground. It is about 20 steps to reach the temple.  The entrance at the opening also is not broad. Steps are too narrow and steep. Pathala Ganapathi is modest sized and there is no priest at it, devotees worship him with Karpura Harati. A devotee who wants to offer prayer to Pathala Vinayaka has to stand in a long queue.

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