Near Kurnool Visiting Places

Near Kurnool Visiting Places, Tourist and Sacred Temples


Sri Raghavendra Swam Mutt which was established on the banks of Tungabadhra river. A Beautiful garden was built on the banks. Temple is 91 km from Kurnool and 273 km from Srisailam


Sri Eeranna Swamy Devasthanam. The annual festival will be celebrated in a grand for a month during Sravana Masam.

Temple is 127 km from Kurnool and 308 km from Srisailam


Sri Brahmarambha Mallikarjuna Swamy Devasthanam. Srisailam is one among the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. Srisailam is also famous as Sakthi Peetam and is one among the 18 Sakthi Peetam in India. Temple is 191 km from Kurnool


Temple is located in the Nallamalla forest and is close to Nandyala town. Water flows continuously on all days in a year. No one knows where the water is coming to the Pushkarini. Temple is 187 km from Srisailam and 90 km from Kurnool


Temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. Perennial water flow and Natural beauty attract the devotees.  Temple is 34 km from Kurnool and 211 km from Srisailam


Sri Uma Maheswara Devasthanam. Growing Nandi is famous here. Temple is 231 km from Srisailam and 91 km from Kurnool

Belum Caves

Natural formed Caves attracts the visitors. Place is 246 km from Srisailam and 106 km from Kurnool


Sri Choudeswari Devasthanam. Temple is 91 km from Kurnool and 201 km from Srisailam


The conjunction of 7 rivers at Sangeswaram. Temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. Temple is 97 km from Kurnool and 134 km from Srisailam


Lord Siva self-manifested here as Omakareswara. Temple is 102 km from Kurnool and 146 km from Srisailam


Temple is dedicated to Lord Siva and is located in the deep Nallamala forest. Temple is 92 km from Kurnool and 129 km from Srisailam

Kolanu Bharathi

Temple is dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi. Temple is famous for Aksharabhyasam. Temple is 87 km from Kurnool and 124 km from Srisailam


Nava Narasimha Kshetram. Temple was established in Krutayuga. Temple is 152 km from Kurnool and 246 km from Srisailam


Sri Roopala Sangameswara Swamy Devasthanam. Temple is 15 km from Kurnool and 196 km from Srisailam


Temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. Four Temple Tanks are famous at this place. Temple is 80 km from Kurnool and 200 km from Srisailam

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