Navaratri Brahmotsavam SarvaBhoopala Vahanam

Navaratri Brahmotsavam SarvaBhoopala Vahanam

Tirumala: SriVari Navaratri Brahmotsavam SarvaBhoopala Vahanam 2015

On the fourth day evening the Lord is taken out in procession on a vehicle called as Sarva BhoopalaVahanam signifying that He is the Lord of Lords. Sarvabhoopala meaning the God in charge of the earth, water and air become the pall bearers of his vehicle.

Lord Malayappa Swamy rides on SarvaBhoopala Vahanam and spreading the message that all the Dikpalakas ( guardians of the eight cardinal directions) governing the Universe are under his direct control and vigilance and that mankind prospers with timely rains.

As per the legend, Eight Cardinals  are – Indra (East), Agni (south-east), Yama (god of death on the South), Niruti (North – East), Varuna on (West), Vayu (south-west) and Kubera (god of wealth on North) and Parameswara on (North-west). They are termed as Asta Dikpala’s who all are all in the service of Lord Venkateswara and work under his command.

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