Muthyala Pandiri Vahanam

Muthyala Pandiri Vahanam Tirumala

Tirumala: Muthyala Pandhiri Vahanam: On the night of the third day of the Bramha Utsavam, the image of God is taken out in a procession under a canopy of pearls. The vehicle is covered in gold with thousands of pearls intricately embedded in its structure.

Legend says that pearls, a produce of sea, is formed when the dew and rain drops into pearl chip in the ocean. Even Srikrishna wears pearl nose rings and necklaces and Lord Venkateswara hailed as “Alankara priya”(lover of decoration).


ISSUED BY TTDs Public Relations Officer, Tirupati.

Muthyala Pandiri Vahanam Photo Gallery

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