Metlotsavam Shobha Yatra

Metlotsavam Shobha Yatra

Metlotsavam Shobha Yatra on the even of Metlotsavam Started from Sri Govindaraemple, Tirupati.

Traimasika Metlotsavam

As a part of the Traimasika Metlotsavam, Shobha Yatra has been performed in Tirupati under the aegis of Dasa Sahitya Project of T.T.D on Friday evening i.e Oct 31.

This spiritual fete began at Sri Govinda Raja Swamy temple and concluded at III NC.

The chanting of the words ‘Govinda Govinda’ rent the air when ‘Metlotsavam,’ the festival of steps leading to Tirumala hills, formally began in Tirupati on Friday evening.

The tri-monthly event coincided with the start of the auspicious ‘Sravana’ month. Clad in traditional yellow robes,  .Around 3500 devotees hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra offered ‘puja’ to each of the steps leading to Tirumala hills by smearing turmeric and vermilion to them.

Meanwhile the metlotsavam will take place at Alipiri Padala Mandapam on November 1 around 4:30 A.M.


Metlotsavam Shobha Yatra Photo-Gallery

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