Mallam Subramanya Swamy Temple

Subramanya Swamy Temple in Mallam

Mallam Subramanya Swamy Temple, Chittamuru Mandal, near Naidupeta, Nellore

This temple was built by the King Pandya Bhupathi during 630 A.D. Later renovated by Chola rules during 10th and 11th centuries. Interesting part of the construction is Vasantha Mandapam, which was built in the form of a chariot drawn by a pair of horses. Temple Mandapam was built on 100 pillar rock cut corridor, pillars are beautifully carved with sculptures from the epics The amayanam, The Maha Bharath, The Bhagavatham and The Siva Purana. Temple is facing towards North direction.


Mallam Subramanya Swamy Temple History

Once King Kullothunga Pandya Bhupathi who went to forest for hunting, saw the bamboo sticks which were grown over the anthill and wished to make a palanquin out of these sticks. Anthill was grown over Subramanya Swamy who was doing penance there for many years. King who is not aware of the Subramanya Swamy’s penance, ordered his servants to collect the bamboo sticks. Servants while cutting the bamboo sticks, unknowingly chopped Subramanya Swamy’s both the hands and bloods starts oozing out of the ant-hill. Later in this night, Subramanya Swamy appeared in the King’s dream and ordered him to construct the temple to get rid of the committed sin. From then on the King used to offers his first prayer (pooja) to the Subramanya Swamy before starting their day.


Legend associated with Temple Corridor

The King handed over the responsibility of the temple corridor construction to the entrusted craftsman. This famous craftsman had a son who was young with high professional skills. He was in a love with a girl and was about to visit her place. To impress her, he sculptured two stone horses along with wheels and used to turn the temple corridor with his power and skills. By this time his father came to know about his son’s act, the temple corridor already took 180 degree turn and about to ride away, so he broke the legs of the horses to stop the further movement. The father killed his son in anger for his son’s foolish act, then killed himself.


Mallam Subramanya Swamy Temple Timings

S.No Timings Event
1 5:00 am Suprabhatha Seva
2 6:00 am Snapana Punyavachanam
3 6:15 am Abhishekam
4 6:30 am Sarva Darshan
5 9:00 am Maha Nivedana
6 9:15 am Koluvulu Pancha Harathi
7 10:00 am Temple will be closed
8 4:00 pm Abhishekam
9 4:15 pm Evening Pooja
10 4:20 pm Sarva Darshan
11 7:30 pm Nivedana
12 7:45 pm Koluvu Pancha Harathi
13 8:00 pm Darbar Seva
14 8:15 pm Temple will be closed

Mallam Subramanya Swamy Temple Sevas

S.No Event Ticket Cost
1 Darshan Rs.2
2 Harathi Rs.3
3 Astotharam Rs.5
4 Sahasranamam Rs.30
5 Palabhishekam Rs.30
6 Ekarudrabhishekam Rs.30
7 Nagadosha Nivarana Pooja Rs.50
8 Kujadosha Nivarana Pooja Rs.50
9 Rahu Ketu Pooja Rs.30
10 Navagraha Pooja Rs.30
11 Santhi Kalyanam Rs.250
12 Pallaki Seva Rs.116
13 Mahanyasa Poorvaka Ekadasa Rurabhishekam Rs.150
14 Laghu Mahanyasa Poorvaka Ekadasa Ekarudrabhishekam Rs.100
15 Vahana Pooja Rs.20
16 Kalyanotsavam on Badhrapada Bahula Chaviti Rs.516


Mallam Subramanya Swamy Temple Address

Swayambu Sri Subramanyeswara Swamy Vari Devasthanam

Mallam (Village), Chittamuru Mandal, Nellore District


How to reach Mallam Subramanya Swamy Temple?

  1. Mallam village is 7 km from Chitttamuru
  2. Temple is 30 km from Naidupeta, Direct bus available to the village
  3. Mallam village is 50 km from Sullurpeta
  4. 90 Km away from Tirupati.


Mallam Subramanya Swamy Temple


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  1. Dear Friends, I have visited the temple yesterday,(25 Mar 2018) , IAM resident of sullurupeta, distance 43kms, it took nearly 1:30min to travel in two-wheeler, route: sullurupeta to Kota road, it is very old ancient temple with lot of space. Newly 3 rooms are constructed inside the temple. Temple will be closed in this timings: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10am to 4pm* Tue 1pm to 4pm * Sun 12pm to 4pm* Anna Prasadham is done on Tue, Sun.

  2. Dear friends,

    On sundays there will be panchamruta abhisheka, palabhisheka seva’s are available now. please update in website. It will be useful to devotees….


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