Lotus Mahal Hampi

Lotus Mahal Hampi, Opening and Closing Timings

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Lotus Mahal Hampi

Local call Lotus Mahal as Chitrangi Mahal, from where Royal women used to watch celebrations and processions. It is a two-storeyed building has intricate work with sharp-edged awnings, crenellated arches and tiered facades. The base is elaborate and the top comprises three-tiered Shikaras. The interior is plain with clear spaces. At the centre, the roof has a Lotus bud as a decoration, giving the Mahal its name. The structure is once believed to have had an elaborate network of pipes to carry water to keep the interiors cool.

The archways of the structure resemble petals of a lotus and provide the whole structure with the shape of a half-open lotus bud. The central dome is carved in the shape of a lotus bud. Even the towers of the Lotus Mahal are in a pyramidal shape and resembles lotus petals.

Elephant stable is located to the south of the Zenana enclosure. There are 11 huge stalls for the elephants. The interiors are bare with sandy floors and chain hooks from the roof. One can almost visualise a looming elephant swaying from side to side in the large caverns.

How to reach Hampi?

By Air

  • Hampi is an equal distance from Bangalore and Goa airports and is 350 km away.

By Train

  • Trains do run from Bangalore to Hospet Junction at regular intervals on a daily basis.
  • Daily trains are available from Tirupati to Hospet Junction. Travel time is between 8 hours 30 mins – 11 hours 15 mins.

By Road

  • From Bangalore to Hospet regular KSRTC bus available at early hours, from Hospet, Hampi is 12 km away.
  • Hampi is 85 km from Bellary. The direct bus is available from Bellary to Hampi.

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Reference Link: Temple History