Livermore temple dress code

Livermore temple dress code, Food permissions

Livermore Temple Customs & Traditions

  1. Please do not enter the temple for 10 days after a birth or death in the family.
  2. Please do not stand on the steps of the sanctum sanctorum.
  3. Only priests authorized by temple management are allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum.

Livermore temple dress code rules

  1. Devotees of all ages are requested to dress neatly and cleanly.
  2. Dress should provide appropriate body coverage. For example, short shorts, short skirts etc should be avoided.
  3. Clothing with inappropriate and implied language or message should be avoided.
  4. Please enquire with the priests regarding traditional attire suggested for special Puja or Homa.

Livermore Temple Food rules

  1. The devotees can offer freshly cooked Prasada to the temple.
  2. Priests can offer it to any deity of your choice. You may take the take it to the back of the Temple and leave it
    there for other devotees to share your prasadam.
  3. Not to offer previous day cooked food or food cooked with onions and garlic as Naiyedhyam for the deities.
  4. Non vegetarian food-items (egg/ meat/ fish/ seafood) are not permitted
  5. Food / Prasad given out during weekend lunch are largely through Annadaana sponsored by devotees
  6. Devotees should eat food at the designated dining area.
  7. Infant feeding room is available

Puja materials  offering

  1. Devotees can offer Puja materials like milk, yoghurt, honey, Naivedhyams, rice, fruits.
  2. However, please understand that excess will be used for prasadam.
  3. Devotees can offer flowers to the deities
  4. Please note that lighting lamps by devotees will be restricted to designated areas only.