Kumardhara Theertham Trekking

Kumardhara Theertham Trekking

Kumardhara Theertham Trekking on a pournami day. It is a one day trekking program.

Usually this path will be closed on all the days and one needs permission from Forest Department to reach this place. On 23rd Feb , pournami day (full moon day), T.T.D is allowing devotees from Old Papavinasanam bridge to reach this place.

Timings: 22rd Feb, 6:00 am  –  22nd Feb, 6:00 pm

Location: Old Papavinasanam bridge, Tirumala


Bath in Kumardhara Theertham

Whoever bathes in this Theertham thrice a day for three months while leading a life of restraint is freed from all illnesses. His body would become strong like a diamond and he would get rid of all his and reach the highest region, the realm of Lord Maha Vishnu in the end.