Kapileswara Temple Tirupati

Kapileswara temple tirupati

Kapileswara Temple Tirupati, Water flow in Kapila Theertham due to Heavy rains in the last few days. Scenic is so colorful and all devotees are taking holy bath in Kapila Theertham.

Kapila theertham is located in Tirupati, it is on the mid way to Alipiri. It is at Nandi Circle. Due to Heavy rains in recent days, water flow is high in Kapila theertham.

While going to Tirumala and Return from Tirumala pilgrims can plan the visit and get blessings from Lord Shiva.


Directions to Kapileswara Temple Tirupati?

  1. Kapileswara Temple is located at distane of 2 km from Tirupati Bus station and 2.5 Km from Tirupati Railway station.
  2. Kapileswara temple Pushkarini is also called as Azhwar Theertham.
  3. Every pilgrim should take Holy dip in Kapileswara Temple Pushkarini ( Temple Tank) or Sprinkle water on Head before starting journey to Tirumala.

Benefits of Holy Dip in Pushkarini:

1) It purifies mind and soul before climbing Hills


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