Chengalamma Temple Sullurpeta

Chengalamma Temple Sullurpeta

Chengalamma Temple Sullurpeta

Chengalamma Temple Sullurpeta is located on the banks of Kalangi river. The temple lies to the southern tip of Sullurpeta which is well connected with major cities like Chennai, Tirupati, Nellore. 400 years old Chengalamma Tree in the temple premises acts as a boon giver to all devotees.

Legends of Chengalamma Temple Sullurpeta

Once upon a time, that is about 10th century at Nellore district beside Kalangi river, few cow taker while swimming noticed Goddess idol, immediately they rused to the village to inform all. Further, villagers reached the place to collect the idol, to their surprise all their efforts in moving idol went vain. Next day with all the hope they approached the idol and noticed that idol is facing towards south and was standing straight. Only after performing poojas, they were able to lift the Idol. Idol was carried to the current place and installed it here.

The goddess at earlier days used to called as Tenkali (Dakshina Kali) later the name Tenkali replaced by Chengali and then to current name Chengalamma. Then the village formed around this temple and named it as Chengali Peta. During the British ruling, they changed the name to Sullurpeta. However there is a another version of sullurpeta, people residing since ages used to say that, at the time of Brahmotsavam which happens once in 7 seven, during this time “Sudimanu” will round around the Temple hence this place is called as Sullurpeta.

This temple was built by the people from Balija caste so they are performing Nithya archana to the Goddess and the ritual follows.

Interesting story associated with Chengalamma Temple Sullurpeta

400 years back, villagers tried to build door for the temple, at that time Goddess appeared in their dream and instructed them that she is here to give blessings to the pilgrims at all times, hence the trials for making doors should be withdrawn and temple should be opened for 24 hours. By following Goddess instructions, the villagers left the temple opened for 24 hours.

Chengalamma Thalli and her Idol in the temple faces the sea. Goddess Chengalamma has enormous powers, ISRO scientists visits Sri Chengalamma Parameswara for blessings before launching any satellite.


Chengalamma Temple Sullurpeta Jathara Schedule

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Day 1 Kalasa Sthapana, Sri Parameswari Alankaram
Day 2 Sri Bala Thripura Sundari Alanakaram
Day 3 Sri Maha Lakshmi Alanakaram
Day 4 Sri Asta Lakshmi Alankaram
Day 5 Sri Saraswathi Alankaram
Day 6 Sri Gayathri Alanakaram
Day 7 Sri Annapurna Alankaram
Day 8 Sri Raja Rajeswarai Alanakaram
Day 9 Vijaya dasami Sri Mahishasura Mardini Alankaram

How to reach Chengalamma Temple Sullurpeta?

  1. Direct bus is available from Tirupati to Sullurpeta
  2. If Sullurpet bus is not available, then try reaching Naidupeta, Naidupeta bus frequency is quite high to Sullurpet.
  3. Temple is 1.5 km from Railway station and 0.5 km from Bus  station.


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