Bramhostavam Temple Activities

Bramhostavam Temple Activities

Bramhostavam Temple Activities

The earliest record of Bramhosthavam in the temple inscription, wherein it is recorded that the Pallava Princess Samavai had made provisions for the conduct of such a festival in the seventh century. Detailed description on Activities during Bramhostavam

TTD epigraphic Report states about Samavai, The pallava queen presented a number of jewels and ornaments including a kiritam or crown, and also arranged for the conduct of a festival with a procession for this image for two days immediately preceding the main festival, as well as the main festival itself in the month of Puttarasi commencing on the day of the Chittirai star and last for nine days.

The celebrations are marked by rituals, yagnas, prayers, music and other special events. The festival dates fall between September and October every year.

The following is a list of what takes place during Bramhostvam, Bramha’s Utsavam, Tirumala


Bramhostavam Temple Activities

Alaya Suddhi: The temple is cleaned before the festival

Alankaram: Various places in the temple are decorated, usually with flowers and mango leaves, which are considered auspicious.

Mrit Sangrahaman: Earth is collected, and nine kinds of grains nava-dhanya, are sown for sprouting. This is called ankur-arpana and takes place before the first day of the festival.

Dhvaja Arohanam: Hoisting of the flag of Lord Sri Venkateswara on the first day, heralding the commencement of the festival. The flag carries the emblem of the bird God and vehicle, Garuda.

Devata Ahwanamu: Through Garuda, invitations are sent to gods and great sages in heaven to attend the festival

Sri Vari Koluvu: The God holds daily court in the temple.

Snapanam: The deities, who are moved out of the temple for processions, are bathed with special herbs after their return.

Choornabhishekam: A holy bath of the deities after an application of sandalwood paste.

Chakra Snanam: A holy bath of the deities and of the Sudarshan Chakra, the discus-weapon of God, in the Swamy Pushkarini Lake.

Devatodwasanam: The God and others who have come from heaven are thanked for attending the festival and seen off with felicitations. Lord Bramha is praised for His festival.

Dhvaja Avarohanam: Lowering of the flag of God


Bramhostavam Temple Activities

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