Brahmamgari Matam Aradhana

Brahmamgari Matam Aradhana Utsavam

Brahmamgari Matam Aradhana Date, Timings, Darshan

Starting Date: 22 Apr 2018

Ending Date: 27 Apr 2018

Date Day Details
25 Apr 2018 Wednesday Vaisaka Suddha Dasami Sri Madvirat Swamy entered Samadhi
26 Apr 2018 Thursday Brahma Rathotsavam
27 Apr 2018 Friday Maha Prasadam


How to reach Brahmamgari Matam?

  1. The preferable route from Kadapa to Kandimallayapalle is via Mydukur. From Mydukur, Matam is 37 km. The nearest railway station to Brahmamgari Matam is at Kadapa. The nearest airport is Renigunta airport.
  2. 62.6 Km from Kadapa, the direct bus is available from Kadapa bus station to Brahmamgari Matam. It takes 1 hour by road.
  3. 230 km from Tirupati, which takes 4 hours by road to reach this place. There is no direct bus to this place.


Reference Link: Temple History

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