Bhadrachalam Brahmotsavam

Bhadrachalam Brahmotsavam 2017, Dates and Timings

Starting Date: 29th Mar 2017

Ending Date: 11th Apr 2017

During this Nitya Kalyanam will not be performed. No Darbar Sevas from 1st Apr to 11th Apr. Pavalimpu Seva will not be performed from 1st Apr to 19th Apr.

Important dates during Brahmotsavam

1st Apr – Ankurarpananm

2nd Apr – Dwapata Bhadraka Mandala Lekhanam in the morning hours. Garuda Vahana Seva in the evening hours.

3rd Apr – Agni Pratishta. Dwajarohanam. Chatusnanrchana.

4th Apr – Edurkolu Utsavam

5th Apr – Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam

6th Apr –  Pattabhishekam and Rathotsavam

7th Apr – Vaideeka Aseervachanam

8th Apr – Thorotsavam

9th Apr – Unjal Utsavam

10th Apr – Vasanthotsavam

11th Apr – Chakra Theertham, Pushpayagam

Sri Rama Kalyanam tickets can be purchased at Temple Ticket counter / SBI / SBH / HDFC branches in Bhadrachalam.

Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Kalyanam Online booking

Sita Rama Kalyanam Ticket costs

VVIP Ticket cost: Rs.2000 for one person.

Ubhayadharas Cost: Rs.5000 for 2 persons.

Other tickets, Rs.1116, Rs.500, Rs.200, Rs.100 for one person.

Pattabhishekam Ticket cost

VVIP Ticket cost: Rs.250 for one person

VIP Ticket cost: Rs.100 for one person

Devotees who purchase tickets online have to collect original receipts from Temple CRO anytime between 1st Apr 9:00 am – 5th Apr 9:00 am. Children under 5 years don’t need tickets.

How to reach Bhadrachalam temple?

By Air

  1. The nearest international airport is at Vijayawada which is 197 km away. Rajahmundry Airport is 188 km away.

By Train

  1. The nearest railway station is at Badhrachalam Road (Kothagudem station) which is 40 km away. The direct bus will be available from the Railway station to the temple

By Road

  1. The direct bus will be available from Vijayawada and Khammam bus stations with 30 mins frequency.

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