Amarnath Yatra By Road

Amarnath Yatra By Road, Duration, Booking, Timings

Registration Fees: Rs.100 per person.

Holy Cave Opening Dates: 1Jul – 15Aug.

Registration Opening Date: 1Apr

Early Visit is advisable to view Shiv Linga.

No.of Days Trip By Road: 4 – 5 days by Pahalgam route.

Journey Distance Details
Pahalgam to Chandanwadi 16 Km Rs.100 per person by Vehicle
Chandanwadi   3 level Security.
Yatra Starts from this Point.
Yatra Pass and ID photo ID proof required.
Chandanwadi to Sheshnag 12 Km Rs.1200 -Rs.2000 per person By Mule.
Rs.200 to Carry one Luggage Bag to Sheshnag
Walking Stick Cost Rs.20 for Support.
Chandanwadi to Pissu Top 0.5 Km Hard Trekking.
Pissu Top to Sheshnag   Narrow path.
Mules not allowed at the point.
Sheshnag To Panchatarani   By Mule/ Walk
Panchatarani to Sangam   By Mule/ Walk/ Palki
Other Modes    
Chandanwadi to Amarnath   By Palki (Dolly): Rs.10000 per person
Pahalgam to Panchatarani   By Helicopter:
Rs.2750 per person for one way
Baltal to Panchatarani   By Helicopter:
Rs.1600 per person for one way

From To Distance
Pahalgam Amarnath Cave 48 Km
Sheshnag Wavbal 3 Km
Sheshnag M.G.Top 4 Km
Sheshnag Amarnath Cave 20 Km

Yatri Pass Booking

  1. In-person Booking at Registered Banks available.
  2. Online Booking
  3. Spot Booking in Jammu.

Two Routes for trekking

  1. Pahalgam to Amarnath Cave to Baltal
  2. Baltal to Amarnath Cave to Baltal

Amarnath Yatra By Road Charges

Route Info Labour Charges/
night stay
Chandanwari to Pissutop Rs.450
Pissutop to Chandanwari Rs.450
Pissutop to Zojibal Rs.425
Zojibal to Pissutop Rs.425
Zojibal to Sheshnag Rs.450
Sheshnag to Zojibal Rs.450
Sheshnag to M.G.Top Rs.525 to Sheshnag Rs.525
M.G.Top to Panchtarni Rs.625
Panchtarni to M.G.Top Rs.625
Panchtarni to Amarnath Cave Rs.575
Amarnath Cave to Panchtarni Rs.575
Chandanwari to Amarnath Cave Rs.2200
Chandanwari to Amarnath Cave to Chandanwari Rs.3900

Baltal Route Charges

Rs.650 for Labourers and Rs.750 for Pony with 60 Kgs Load.

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