Aluru Kona Ranganathaswamy Temple

Aluru Kona Ranganathaswamy Temple

Aluru Kona Ranganathaswamy Temple, Tadipatri, Anantapur District

Aluru Kona Ranganathaswamy Temple History

This temple was built in the year 1334 A.D by Yerramraju, who was a chieftain at Bukkraya court of Vijayanagara dynasty. Yerramraju donated lands to the temple to meet temple expenses. Currently, the temple is holding 51.48 acres of Land. Temple was built on top the hills, next to the temple, there is a natural spring, where water flows between the rocks for the whole year.

Annual Brahmotsavam festival starts on Chaitra Suddha Pournami day.

Aluru Kona Accommodation

Temple Guest House rooms with minimal rent and free cottages are available for the pilgrims to stay over there for a night.


Aluru Kona Pooja Cost, Accommodation Rent

S.No Event Ticket  Cost
1 Kumkum Archana Rs.10
2 Thala neelalu (Tonsuring) Rs.10
3 Seeghra Darshan (Quick Darshan) Rs.20
4 Locker Rental Rs.30
5 Vahana Pooja (Vehicle Pooja) R.50
6 Heavy Vehicle Pooja Rs.100
7 Abhishekam Rs.100
8 Aaku Pooja Rs.100
9 Putt Ventrukalu (Hair offering for the babies) Rs.150
10 Cottage Rent Rs.300
11 Room Rent Rs.400
12 Guest House Rent Rs.500
13 Marriage Rs.1000
14 Permanent Pooja donation Rs.5116
15 Kalyana Mantap Rent Rs.10000

Aluru Kona Temple Address

Sri Kona Ranganatha Swamy Devasthanam, Aluru Kona, Tadipatri Mandal, Anantapur District

How to reach Aluru Kona Ranganathaswamy Temple?

  1. 7 km from Tadipatri Town. Tadipatri is 56 km from Anantapur Town. Direct buses available from Anantapur Bus station.
  2. It is 245 km away from Tirupati. Direct train is available from Tirupati to Tadipatri at regular intervals. It is 3 hours 39 mins journey time.


Aluru Kona Ranganathaswamy Temple


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