5 utsava murthis in Tirumala

Apart from the moolavirat (Sri Devi is on Lord Srinivasa’s chest) and hence no separate vigraham for Sri Devi). Out of the Swayambhu divya desa kshethrams, only in this temple, the Lord is seen as Ekamurthi. There is no separate vigraham for Sri Devi. She is ever residing on Lord Srinivasa’s vakshasthalam.The garbagriham houses 5 utsava murthis in Tirumala Temple.

5 utsava murthis in Tirumala


This is an exact replica of the Moola vigraham. The only difference is the conch and chakram are not detachable unlike the moola vigraham. The idol has 6 pointed enthram installed in it. It is in standing pose with 4 hands. It receives all the bhogams and upacharams in the temple. This was consecrated by a Pallava queen in the 10th century. A gold link and a silk cord is still attached to the idol whenever it is brought outside the garbagriham for deputizing on behalf of the Moolavirat on special festive occasions and on Thursdays when Annakootam (during Thiruppavada seva) . Everyday , Thirumanjanam is performed to this utsavar only. During Ekantha seva, for 11 months in a year except Dhanur Maasam, this vigraham is placed in a golden cradle in the Sayana Mandapam and Thaalatu (lullaby) is sung and milk and fruits and dry fruits like cashewnuts, almonds etc are offered . Annamcharya keerthanas are sung by the descendants of Annamacharya.

Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy copy


This image known as Thiruvengadathuraivar is also in Nindra Thirukolam and is again a replica of the Moolavirat Only on three occasions, this utsava vigraham is brought out in a procession (on Uttana Ekadasi, Mukkoti Dwadasi and Dwadasa Aradhana) before dawn and is brought back to the garbagriham before sun rises.

In the by gone days, the processional deities of Ugra Sreenivasa Murhty were taken out for procession during festivals. When these idols were being taken in a procession on a particular day, strange, unusual and alarming incidents took place. After these incidents, these idols since 1330 A.D have not been used in procession. Even now if at all they are taken out, they are returned to the temple by 3 A.M and offered ‘naivedyam’ to the Lord in the Ranganayaka Mandapam and then taken to Ananda Nilayam.


This utsava murthy manages the finance aspect and every day after Thomala Seva, this utsava murthy is brought out from Garbagriham with full honours to Thirumamani mandapam (i.e. near Garudazhwar’s sannidhi) and is seated on a golden chair under a golden umbrella. This idol officiates for the Moolavar during this function. Hence, He is known as Koluvu Srinivasa. During this function, panchangam for the day is read and the accounts of the previous day are read out in front of this deity.

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This utsava murthy is Swayambhoo and was found under a hill . The asareeri which advised that Ugra Srinivasa should not be used as processional diety directed that there was a vigraham of Lord Srinivasa in a nearby place and that all utsavams should be performed to this vigraham only. Accordingly, this vigraham was found under a hill and hence came to be known as Malai Kuniya Nindra Perumal and later got corrupted as Malaiyappa Swamy. This utsava vigraham seen with Ubhaya Naachiyars, Sridevi and Bhoodevi is the processional deity and enjoys all utsavams from Kalyana utsavam to Brahmotsavam.Apart from Brahmotsavam, on every Sravanam day, this vigraham is taken around the four mada streets ON the 5th day of Brahmotsavam, when Malayappa Swamy comes on Garuda vaahanam, 2 ornaments which are always adorned by Moolavirat are worn by Malayappa Swamy. They are  Sahasranaama Mala- 1008 names of the Lord are written on golden coins) and Maragadham (the pacchai kal) which is always seen on Moolavirat’s chest. This maragadham is the world’s largest and the most attractive.


This vigraham is in navaneetha nritya(dancing ) pose alongwith Rukmini Devi. He is seen holding butter (navaneetham) in his right Hand and His left hand is stretched out gracefully in dancing pose. There is no separate pooja for this vigraham. He shares Lord Venkatesa’s nithya archana. This utsava murthy receives Ekantha Seva during Dhanur maasam. When Malayappa Swamy comes out as Mohini during Brahmotsavam, Sri Krishna accompanies Mohini. This diety is also taken out in a procession on every Rohini day and on Krishnashtami.