Sri Vidya Sadhana

Sri Vidya Sadhana

Sri Vidya Sadhana Devipuram, Timings, Cost

Course Details

  1. Nyasams
  2. Upacharas
  3. Shat Chakra Japa
  4. Kalavahana
  5. Yantra pujas for Ganapati
  6. Shyama and Varahi
  7. Little description on Lalitha Navavarana Pooja
  8. Laghu Homa Vidhi
  9. Perparing Sri Yantra.

Course Duration: 6 days

Food and accommodation will be provided by the temple administration. The room will be allotted for 2 persons. Stay at campus during the course.

Course Cost: Rs.15000 for one person. Payment is accepted in USD as well, which costs $300.

This course can be registered by sending mail to [email protected]

The required material will be provided by the staff itself.



  1. KN Ravi Kumar SBI GH road branch adoni 7659898737

    Sir please give me details in devipuram follows koulachara srividya or samayachara srividya

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