Sadasiva Kona Puttur

SadaSiva Kona Puttur is at a Distance of 45 Km from Tirupati

Sadasiva Kona Puttur is one of the best Tourism places nearby Tirupati which is situated at a distance of 10 km from Majjiga Gunta on Puttur-Tirupati route. The place with lofty mountain peaks, thick forests and a picturesque waterfall is a unique one. Sadasiva is the presiding deity. A large number of devotees come here from different parts Of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka on auspicious days like Mahasivaratri, Vaikunta Ekadasi and on all Mondays in the month of Karthika.

The most convenient route is the bus route from the main road to Nagilern. From there, the devotees can reach Sadasiva Kona by walking a distance of 4 km. Though there are other routes too from Yerpedu near Sri Kalahasti, Papanaidupeta and Vadamalapeta, these are quiet tedious.

Apart from the serene natural atmosphere of the hill, it is also know for producing a variety of medicinal herbs. Hence, a bath in the water fall is believed to cure chronic diseases.

The temple dedicated to Lord Sadasiva, was constructed by the rulers of Karveti Nagar who worshiped Kamakshi Bameta Sadasiva during festivals. Ammavari Kona and Ayyavari Kona are located near the temple. The water from these valleys flow together at a place where Pushkarini is formed. A dip in this Pushkarini too is believed to cure a person from diseases and sin.

Despite receiving so many devotees, no effort is made towards the development of the temple. The only source of income is the offering, which comes from the devotees.

Best Time to visit: Oct-Feb.

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SadaSiva Kona – Ayyavari Kona – AmmaVari Kona

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