Tirumala Darshan Timings

Tirumala Darshan Timings

Tirumala Darshan Timings and Types of Darshan available in Tirumala.

  • Divya Darshan
  • Special Entry Darshan
  • Privileged Darshan
  • Senior Citizens / Differently Abled
  • Newly wed in Tirumala
  • Angapradakshinam
  • Admission for Non Hindus
  • For Children and Infants
Divya Darshan is the free Tirumala darshan where in the pilgrims wait for their turn to catch the glimpse of Lord in the compartments of Vaikuntham Queue Complex II. Divya Darshan means ‘darshan for all’.

Pilgrims who come by walk via Alipiri and Srivari Mettu footpath routes to Tirumala comes under this category.

In Tirumala free accommodation is available for pilgrims in PACs (Pilgrim Amenities Complex), free tonsuring, free Darshan and free meals are also available at Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Annaprasada Bhavan or at PAC II

The timings for Divya Darshan (Tirumala Darshan) are different on different days of the week.

On normal days, about 3-4 hours are allotted for Divya Darshan and on peak days it goes to 10 hours.

The entrance for Temple darshan is through the Vaikuntam Queue Complex


Kalyana Katta free tonsure_1

Vengamaamba annadhanam copy

T.T.D website for booking www.ttdsevaonline.com

Special Entry Darshan is to arrange quick Tirumala Darshan to the Pilgrims when the crowd rush is heavy.

Cost of the Ticket is Rs.300/- per person and is issued at VQC-I.

T.T.D website for Darshan tickets Online booking www.ttdsevaonline.com



There is a special entry point thru Supadam for NRIs , in-service military personnel, less than a week old newly married couple, parents with infants below one year of age, for the family of employees.


Differently abled and the Senior Citizen devotees, men should be 65 years and above, women should be 60 years and above to access Special Darshan line. Special entry Darshan line is near Tirumala Nambi Temple in South mada street, which is beside main Temple.

Maha dwaaram copy

The pilgrims falling under this category will be allowed in two different slots at 10am and 3pm every day on showing the age proof id-cards/ relevant medical certificates.


Couple who ties the knot in the abode of Lord Venkateswara in Purohit Sangam comes under this category.

The total expenditure for a marriage is Rs.865 out of which Rs.500 is Dakshina to Purohit, Rs.300 to melam and Rs.65 towards marriage video.

T.T.D provides free Tirumala darshan to the couple and their parents-a total of six members through Supadham along with a laddu for each person at a subsidized price of Rs.10

Purohit sangam is at Papavinasanam Road.


Tickets issued Place: Central Reception Office, Tirumala

Ticket Issued Time at C.R.O : 2 p.m

No.of Tickets to be issued: 750

Pilgrims who plan to do Angapradakshinam should stand in Queue at C.R.O office counter.

Tickets will be issued for next day , It is free and ticket is issued using biometric finger print.

At 1:30 am, the next day devotee should report at Supadam Entrance after having bath.

It is good to take bath in Swamy Pushkarini and Do Darshan at Aadi Varaha Swamy Temple before Entering Angapradakshina.


Pilgrims should have taken bath and there should be wetness in the clothes.

Next day

Dress code : Women should wear saree , Men should wear only dhoti
By 2:30am you will be inside the temple. You have to lie flat on ground & perform the Angapradakshinam in the inner prakaram.

Immediately after this Pilgrims will be allowed for Tirumala Darshan. This is very good because Suprabhatham pooja also will be going on at same time.

In and Out time from the Temple is just 2 hrs.


For Tirupati Darshan Packages, Please call @ +91 93 93 93 9150


Admission for Non Hindus

As per G.o Ms No. 311 Rev.Endts – 1 Dept, dt-09-04-1990

Admission of Non Hindus into T.T.D maintaining Temples: Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Temples are Hindu Public Temples. They are generally Used as of Right only by the Hindu Community, However there can be no objection for admission of Non-Hindu into the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Temples provided He/She furnishes a declaration in the prescribed form stating faith and reverence in Lord Venkateswara.

The declarations forms are available at Vaikuntam Queue Complexes/JEO’s camp Office/ Reception Offices/All Sub Inquiry Offices in Tirumala.

Process to Admint Non Hindus copy

Tirumala Darshan Ticket is not required children below 12 years of Age. One must carry Age proof of the Child.

Special Entry for Tirumala Darshan is available for Infants and His/Her parents below 1 year age thru Supadam.

e-Darshan Counters in Tirupati

T.T.D has introduced e-Darshan facility, where in the pilgrim is provided with Tirumala Darshan slot before actually the pilgrim reach Tirumala. e-darshan counters were established in most of the T.T.D Kalyanamandapams and Information Centres in all most all parts of Andhra Pradesh and outside Andhra Pradesh. Pilgrims are allowed inside Vaikuntam Queue Complex-I, as per the time slot.

For Tirumala Darshan : e-Darshan Tokens are available at

Sri Vaari Sannidhi, which is on the way to Kapila Theertham from R.T.C Bus station( 1 km from Bus station).

Sri Vaari Sannidhi copy

Mahathi Auditorium

Address: NTR Circle, Town Club, Tirupati

mahathi copy

Opposite Renigunta Railway station

Renigunta Jn copy


If Devotee fails to get Rs.300 tickets online, there is one more way for Tirumala Darshan, Tirumala Darshan tickets are issued Tirupati Head Post Office.


  1. Hello sir,

    We are planning to take the pedestrian route to Tirumala from Alipiri on 10th April (sunday evening). Can we avail the divya darshanam ticket? What are the benefits? Do we need to book separate accomodation? We are planning to return soon after the darshan. Kindly give your suggestion.

    • Dear Madam,

      Yes, it is advisable to book separate accommodation. Crowd will be high over the weekends. Divya Darshan waiting time will be 5 hours on 10th Apr.
      I doubt if you can finish the darshan on the same day. If you start in the early hours then you can complete darshan by 2 pm. If you reach Tirumala in the evening then darshan will not be on the same day.


  2. Dear,
    Am planned to have darshan with my friends on 10th april headcount is 7. So could u please suggest me below queries.

    1.it is required to book ticket, if yes please suggest how & where with ticket cost
    2.how much time will take for dharsan
    3.dress coding??
    4.accommodation details if know

    • Dear Sasikumar,

      1. Please login to ttdevaonline website and book e-special darshan tickets (Rs.300).
      2. Rs.300 darshan time will be 1 hour 45 mins – 2 hours on 10th Apr
      3. Men: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta,Pyjama.
      Female: Saree with blouse/ Punjabi Dress with Dupatta / Chudidhar with Dupatta/ Half saree
      4. Please look for private accommodation in Tirupati. Rooms may not available in Tirumala


  3. Sir I am Booking eSpecial dharsan ticket but i am not uploading the Photo. Photo upload option is not there,
    Please tell Photo upload in need or not

    • Dear Sir,
      Photo is not required for Rs.300 tickets. Photo option was removed. Only details required for the booking


  4. Planning to take the pedestrian route on 8th April, Pls suggest with the below queries

    1. do I need to get the ticket ?
    2. Can I get the ticket to have the darshan between 10Am-2PM ?
    3. is the crowd would be heavy ?
    4. what would be the approximate waiting time.

    • Dear Ananda,
      1. Yes, ticket will be issued
      2. Crowd will be normal.
      3. Expected waiting time will be 3 -4 hours


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