Kalyani Dam in Tirupati

Kalyani Dam in Tirupati

Kalyani dam in Tirupati is one of the interesting tourism places which is about 18 kms from Tirupati and falls under Ramgampet forest zone. Kalyani Dam, the reservoir of drinking water which is meant for pilgrims of Tirumala. Earlier Kalyani Dam water is meant for Tirupati Residents later due to high volume and Demand in Tirumala, Water is pumped to Tirumala. Kalyani Dam stands in middle of the Bakarapeta Forest. The catchment area of the dam is around 48.56 sq Km and the full reservoir level touching to 900 feet.

Kalyani Dam in Tirupati is great Picnic spot for Locals, it will be nice to spend time with family at this place. During Winter and Early Summer is good time to find water in the reservoir.


How to reach  Kalyani Dam in Tirupati From Tirupati Central Bus station ?

  1. Kalyani dam is 19 km from Tirupati.
  2.  Buses to Piler, Bakarapeta goes by Kalyani Dam. Frequency is quite from Tirupati Central Bus station.



kalyani dam in tirupati visiting hours: 9 am – 5 pm


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